Anonymous asked: where did you get the tomboy hat from on the liza owen shoot?

I think it’s by wildfang :) x

Anonymous asked: So do you have to pay or anything? sorry I'm new at this! thank you!

No you’ll just have to pay to post the clothes back or your travel to go and pick it up :) x

Anonymous asked: How would you go about hiring clothing for photoshoots, any advice?

Email the brands you want to loan clothes from or the PR company who looks after them. say what the shoot is for and about, attach any moodboards and link to your online portfolio/website :) xx

Get your sass on it’s FRIDAYYYY 💃💃💃💃 #sassyinspo #versace
Wouldn’t mind a sequin suit for winter 😍🔥 #sassyinspo #naomicampbell
Styling outfits for tonight’s product shoot and am so obsessed with this little combo. My fave part of the job 👌💖🌈 #sassyworld

Anna Nicole applying her lipstick.
Sassy shoe game ❤️ #sassyworld

If it’s wrong I don’t wanna be right

"You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow." L. B

✨💖💎y2kbae 4 Eva💎💖✨